The Story

Geof wrote Vampirocorn as a project for a creative writing class in college. While looking on Instagram for an artist that was perfect to illustrate the tale, he stumbled upon Karen's art. He sent an email across the ocean to Spain to ask Karen if she would be interested in illustrating Leroy's tale. She loved the story, and they decided to work together as a team to make this book a reality. Despite the challenges of collaborating across continents, they worked together on illustrations and the story. Geofrey then contacted Alea Ferrier to do the typography and handle the book layout, and thus, Vampirocorn was born. This book took three friends the better part of a year and a ton of imagination to create. We hope you enjoy our work!



The Author

My name is Geofrey Redd. I am a graduate of the Art Institute of San Diego with a degree in graphic design. I have been writing poems since childhood and love telling stories. I am also a visual artist and go by the name of Yarns & Noble when creating artwork out of yarn and nails. 


The Artist

My name is Karen Warner. I am from Spain. I am an illustrator and a graphic designer. I enjoy looking at the weird and fantastic things that are around us every day. Where I feel really happy, full of color, love and good moods is drawing in my personal world.